Luke John and Ann Maria (nee Hall) Hobman
The family

Written by Sheridan Bruce, 2 April 2018

Luke and Ann were married on 14 February, 1863 at the Office of Registrations of Marriage, Wairarapa, in Greytown, New Zealand. 

Luke was 21 and Ann 19 years old. The marriage was witnessed by Ann's brother Robert Hall, Farmer of Greytown and Daniel Walton, Masterton settler. We can only guess that the whole town turned out to celebrate the union of this young couple including Ann's parents, John Hall and Elizabeth Hall (nee Freeman). 

Luke and Ann were married for 27 years until Luke's premature death of cancer at 48 years, in September 1890. Ann lived a full life,  passing away at 79 years on 20 May, 1923 in Wellington. She sustained her family of 12 children after Luke's death, by sewing.

The Children

  1. James Robert Hobman, (dob 4 August 1863, died 24 June 1942). Married Elizabeth Jane Tom, (dob 31 July 1873, died 1954), on 10 September 1891, Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand. They had seven children
  2. William John Hobman, (dob 20 May 1865, died 12 March  1942). Married Rose Waters (dob 19 July 1875, died 1969),  in 1896 in Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand. They had four children.
  3. Elizabeth Jane Hobman, (dob 4 July, 1867, died 27 July 1924). Married Charles Morris in 1904. They had one child. 
  4. Annie Marie Hobman, dob 1 August 1869, died 1895 in her 26th year.
  5. Arthur Peter Hobman, dob 1871, died xx, Married Elizabeth Neilsen (widow). Arthur was step father to Elizabeth's daughter, Annie Marie Neilsen, who died on 31 January 1910.
  6. Walter Freeman Hobman, dob 22 Nov 1873, died in 1957. Married Lilian Keys in 1898, at Greytown, New Zealand. 
  7. Edward Hobman, dob 5 April, 1876, died xx. Married Katharine Fleet in 1900. They had 12 children.
  8. Alice Hobman, dob 25 October 1878, died xx. Married Percy Hawke at Greytown, in 1896. They had four children.
  9. Albert Hobman, married Matilda Beatrice Wiffen, in 1905. They were divorced in Feb 1925. They had two children. 
  10. Ethel Ruth Hobman, dob 6 July 1884, died in 1960. Married George Parker in 1909 and had two children. Divorced, then married Walter Ashbridge.
  11. Luke Hobman, dob 28 Sept 1886, died in 1963. Married Bertha Hartwigg (dob 1886, died 1969) in 1907. They had two children.
  12. Benjamin Henry Hobman, dob 25 March 1890, died 1955. Married Catherine Christina (Rene) Richmond in 1912 and had two children.


Luke and Ann Hobman Family

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