Values will drive generosity

What’s the difference between asking and giving? Power.

When you ask you’re relying on the goodwill of the other person.

When you give, you’re demonstrating a confidence in your own goodwill.

In both cases, the power lies with the individual giving and not the person or organisation asking. Values, whether they are brand values or simple intrinsic human values of generosity and goodwill, are a cornerstone for organisations if they want to be successful.

This refers to for-profit and for-social-good organisations. For-profits are masters at creating brand values which connect with individuals and encourage purchase of goods or services. Think of the products you have purchased lately. How many are purchased because you ‘trust’ the brand? Now think of the causes you make donations to. Was it because you were asked or because you believe whole heartedly in the cause and it makes you feel good to give? Either way, you’re in control right?

Organisations of all natures are advised to consider what their brand stands for and develop brand values.

This will provide opportunities for people to identify and relate to them and their products or services.

I’m constantly amazed that charities especially, struggle with this concept. Doing good for humanity is such an honourable purpose. To be criticised for asking for funds to fulfil an organisation’s mission may be a signal that people just aren’t aware of or connected with the (brand) values of the organisation. In which case, this aspect of an organisation’s marketing needs more work.



Values will drive generosity

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